APS Options School

 Part time school for Homeschool Families

The APS Options Program is designed to support parents who choose to school their children at home. Parents remain the primary instructional provider with the school supplementing their efforts one day a week. We currently serve about 1,000 students in Kindergarten through grade twelve in four different sites from Aurora to Greeley.

“Our program is centered around creating positive relationships with students and their families. Our small class sizes, student choice, caring certified teachers, access to free college classes, resources for parents and a wide variety of elective classes are a few reasons why many people call our program ‘The Best Day of the Week!”
- Larry Thigpen, Options Principal


We strive to be the leading resource for supplemental homeschool enrichment where students access creative learning and collaborative experiences.


Options values and respects a parent’s decision to be their child’s primary educator and strives to provide learning experiences that foster critical thinking and creativity. Our mission is to create access and support systems for homeschool families that help each student prepare for college and career.



Options was founded and created by Dr. Tom Synnott in the fall of 2000.  At that time, Dr. Synnott, who was then the principal of Hinkley High School, noticed an increasing number of homeschool students attending Hinkley for secondary classes.  Dr. Synnott saw the value in this group of students and saw a need to better support the homeschool community with access to learning experiences and curriculum.  The next school year, he opened the first “Options” homeschool site.  This singular site grew rapidly, starting with a small group of 20 students to 2000 students at nineteen sites around the state. Today we have 5 site locations and about 1000 students.  Dr. Synnott’s vision and legacy lives on as a large program in Aurora Public Schools and in similar programs in other districts in Colorado.